What are the Different Types of Air Conditioning System?

1. Window units – the window unit system is the most common and the earliest type of air conditioning system that is being used. This is where there is an open hole in your wall like a window type in where the air conditioning system sits in. Most people prefer this one because it is the cheapest cooling system and you can really save from your energy bills. The only disadvantages are having a hole in your wall and it is kind of bulky compared to other AC types.

2. Central air conditioning – this is most commonly used by homeowners who have a much wider and bigger home so that the cooling system has wider reach. What is best about this kind of AC system also provides heat to your home. This is the most durable type of system that can last for years and the most effective.

3. Mini split systems – mini split systems are similar to the central air conditioning system minus ductwork. It is better for homes since it would look neater and appealing this can be costly but also very effective.

4. Packaged air conditioning system –this type of air-conditioning system is recommended. You would want to have a wider room to cool it can cover a very large space and about two rooms. It is made up with compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator in a single box.

What is the difference between an HVAC and AC

The difference between the both is that HVAC stands for heat, ventilation, air conditioning system which means it can both provide heat and cooling system and the AC is just for cooling alone. HVAC Repair Temecula provides different kind of HVAC and AC service that you can take advantage of.

Tips on How to Improve Air Conditioning Units

1. Clean the system – it is important to clean your system regularly to make sure that it is at its best performance.

2. Check vents – it is important to keep vents unblocked and make sure to vacuum them from any dust and any other particles that can block airflow. Make sure that there is no furniture or anything at all that is blocking the window vents.

3. Increase your temperature – always check the thermostat it is important that you adjust it to a higher degree and it will just automatically adjust itself in a few hours.

4. Keep it far from heat –it is important that your AC system is far away from any appliances that can cause heat.

5. Don’t let the heat come in – it is important that you put curtains or blinds on your window so cooling can be more effective since the heat from the sun can really make it challenging to get the temperature you need for your home.

6. Clear your drain line – it is always better to maintain and check your cooling coil and if ever there are any substance on it make sure that it is drained away. You can clean it with bleach and water to keep it clean and clear.