What to Do In Case of Plumbing Emergencies  

Every homeowner is bound to encounter a plumbing emergency at one point or another and that’s okay. However, some plumbing repairs are too complex that you won’t be able to handle the issue yourself. This is when you call expert plumbers, more particularly those that are available 24 hours a day.  

 Plumbing Emergencies

There are all types and kinds of plumbing problems, from toilet back-ups to leaky faucets. Whatever problem you’re experiencing, you can almost be sure of one thing: you’re going to be a much higher water bill in the next outing. That means you have to know how to detect leaks in your pipe at the very least. 

How to Know If You Have Leaky Pipes 

The best way to determine if you have leaky pipes is to do regular inspections. As a matter of fact, you can do much of these inspections yourself. Start looking for puddles under the pipes and if you see one, it means you’ve got one nasty problem to handle. Leaks may happen at the joints. If that’s the case, the use of fitting compounds and joint fillers is usually sufficient. However, they’re nothing by temporary fixes. The real solution is to replace the pipe and its fittings.  

Of course, not all pipes are straight. There are elbow pipes and U-joint pipes that can be a little messy to handle. If these are the pipes that are broken, it’s best to have a professional handle them for you. Doing so will save you from nasty surprised that will eventually cost you a lot of clean-up time. You can use temporary solutions to address the problem, such as leak tapes and rubber sheets while waiting for the plumbers to arrive.  

How to Address Slow and Clogged Drains 

Clogs are as disgusting as leaks and this is yet another problem that you have to watch out for. The water going into the sink, toilet, or tub has to go out. If it doesn’t then you may have something clogging in there. Use a plunger to address the problem. But while plungers may dislodge clogs, it can’t remove them entirely. You may also use drain cleaners or clog removers but only occasionally.  If you did all of these and you still have a problem, then only professional plumbers can help you out now.  

Things that may cause clogs are hair strands, foreign objects, oils, and large food items. If the clog is too severe, the plumber may need to use a special tool to detect where the problem is and take out the pipe where the blockage is lodged. Unless you have the special tools needed to perform these tasks, it pays to call the professionals.  

Additional Plumbing Repair Tips 

The information above can only do so much to help you fix the usual plumbing issues homeowners encounter. There are more things that you have to know like always turn off the main water line before doing any repair. You certainly don’t want water to uncontrollably sprout out of the pipes you’re fixing.  

When repairing plumbing systems, you’ll certainly get wet. So wear your work clothes, overalls, or something else that’s right for the task. You should also expect plumbing repairs can get a little messier than usual. To provide you with adequate assistance, find professionals who are experts in plumbing Bellevue.